Thrustmster 458 Spider Racing Wheel - Steering Lock Issues

Hello there,

I have a Thrustmaster 458 Spider wheel, the one with the red grips, no ffb and 270 degrees of rotation. I have seen a thread about this already, but there was no reply from a developer or a mod regarding this issue.

When I turn the wheel 60-70 degrees, in game that’s full lock, making the cars undriveable and the game no fun. I don’t know if this is fixed or anything, I just tried it on Day 1 and haven’t tried since because as far as I’m concerned it’s broken. Since then I have been playing on a controller and been slow because of that. Please fix this Turn 10.

Have you tried adjusting the wheels sensitivity. Thrustmaster suggests that for FM5/6, you adjust the wheel sensitivity to level 3 or 4. I have included the link to the manual showing how to do this. I have the Spider wheel as well and have no problem with it using sensitivity level 3.

Thank you for the link. Awesome!

I use it on Sensitivity level 4 myself. And I’ve had no issues. But I know a number of people have had this complaint. So it’s certainly not limited to just 1 or 2 people not setting up the sensitivity. Seems really wierd.

I was waiting to buy this game until someone made a thread like this. My 458 spider wheel was absolutely useless in the demo. And it appears the full game is no different. My wheel works perfectly in FH2 and Project Cars. Guess no Forza 6 for me. I refuse to use a controller on a racing game.

I’m having the same problem, across all sensitivity settings. Regardless of how i drive the car, it just won’t turn and cause severe understeer, where as with a controller it’s fine.
Makes me regret buying the wheel. I might go get my money back if it’s still like this by the end of the week.

I had this same problem as well. Go to controller/wheel settings and hit x for advanced settings, then change steering axis dead zone inside to 0 and steering axis dead zone outside to 100. Hope this helped :slight_smile: