Thrustmater TX Racing Wheel -- HELP --

Hi all

Need some help with new x1 Thrustmater tx racing wheel

Look for some setting for fm5

Any one have any setting

My setup now

Steering deadzone inside 0
Steering deadzone outside. 95
Acc deadzone inside. 15
Acc deadzone outside. 100
Dec deadzone inside. 15
Dec deadzone outside. 95
Clutch inside. 15
Clutch outside. 90
Handbrake inside. 10
Handbrake outside. 100
Vibration scale. 100
Force FB scale. 30
Wheel rotation angle. 270

I do not use clutch or handbrake

Any help plz


deadzone 1
Acc 0-100
brake 0-75
FFB 50
Wheel Angle 900


0-100 all seems to wrk nicely for me
I’d set rotation to 270 for x class and increase from there for slower classes
I have force feedback at 80 for x and p classes, 65 for all else

I find the wheel to be lousy for anything below x,p and r classes but brilliant on the fast cars.

I do it backwards from you, I set my wheel to 360 or greater for class A and above and I set it to 270 for B down. My contention is that with really fast cars, a quick reaction can overshoot its intended mark, so having less reaction to wheel input means less ‘squirrelly’ behavior. To each their own, however I really enjoy driving with the wheel on lower classes.

To OP;

I’ve noticed that regardless of my game settings, the pedals don’t react the way you set them up in Advanced Settings. The way I first noticed this was that I had telemetry up while testing a tune and saw that my brakes didn’t engage until I had depressed the pedal about 20% and that they were fully engaged at about 70%, even though my settings for Decel deadzone is 1:98. Same for the throttle, I have it set to 1:98 in Adv. Settings, but it gives me 100% well before my pedal hits bottom. Anyway, just thought I’d throw that out there, now I have to constantly keep the little brake ‘bar’ in HUD in the corner of my eye so that I can see when I’m engaging the brake properly…blech!

Steering: 1/100 (I have a very slight wheel default of about 5 degrees counter-clockwise)
Accel: 1/98
Decel: 1/98
Clutch: 5/65
Handbrake: 5/65
Rumble: 75%
FF: 50%
DOR: 360

I use the Mode + Left-Dpad 1 or 2 blinks depending on the class of car I’m driving, since I don’t always remember to reset my DOR in Adv. Settings.

Thank you all for your help

Now will play with the setting