Thrustmaster TX issues

I can’t seem to find any info on the issue I’m having with my wheel, so I’m posting here in hopes of help. I had the same issue with Horizon 2. When I plug the USB cable into the Xbox one, the wheel will self calibrate and the buttons are responsive for about 10 seconds then it becomes unresponsive except for the Xbox button. No other buttons work. I’ve reset the USB port on the system by unplugging it. Still nothing. In order to get back to the unit being responsive for the short time, I have to power cycle the system. Any ideas?

Have you visited thrustmaster website and downloaded the latest firmware???
I also use a tx wheel and have never had any probs on the Xbox one.

Yes, latest firmware installed.

My turn on is:

Press button on controller.

Plug wheel in straight away.(It will start calibrating)

Click forza 6 using A on wheel

Turn controller off and on when on the main menu(allows to use controller for painting/tunes etc.)

Away you go.

Hope that helps buddy.

Try a hard reset for the wheel. Unplug all leads and turn mains off for 10 seconds…
then plug it back in. Dot this for your wheel and xbox.
hopefully this helps mate…

Seems that you have the famous usb breakaway cable problem!
Check this… Sudden Problem with My TX Wheel