Thrustmaster TX Firmware help

I’m trying to update my Thrustmaster TX Firmware. I have downloaded V49 (2015_TTRS_1). I go to the firmware updater, I see my my wheel and under firmware I see Version 49 (27/05/2015) - TX_LM4F_v49.tmf. I click on both and click OK. Nothing happens for a minute or 2, then this error pops up: “Error: time-out device should had arrived in BULK. (Code: 0x34100001)”. What should I do so I am able to download the update? Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

You have the most recent update, June 2015. That’s why it’s doing nothing.

Don’t know how I would have done that. I downloaded the update to my PC but never to the wheel.

Did you recently get the wheel? May have shipped with the update.

Also, for hardware specific questions you really should post in the hardware section of the forums. Hope you find an answer.