Thrustmaster TX and Wheelstand

HI, I’m new to Sim Racing and I’m soon going to be buying a Thrustmaster TX, but am still in the market for a wheelstand. Is the Fanatec CSL wheelstand compatible with the TX or should I go with the Wheel Stand Pro?

The Fanatec stand is a pretty good stand, but I found I liked the Wheelstand Pro a bit more. It can be adjusted a little more, but if money is a concern, the CSL is a great stand. I’ve had both.

Just on a side note, if you’re getting the TX, I would strongly suggest to order a different rim for it as well. The stock rim that comes with the TX is crap. You’re better off with the GTE Rim or the Leather 28 GT rim.

ShadowChaser, do you recommend getting the TX, or waiting until the G920 comes out in October?

Honestly, I’d probably wait for the G920 to come out and see what people say about it. Logitech wheels have always been known for their reliability and toughness. There is price difference to take into account, but at the same time, the G920 does come with a three pedal set and if you want a 3 pedal set for the TX, it’s an extra $150 so it cancels out the price even though the T3PA pedals are probably better than the stock G920 pedals will be.

I own 2 TX’s but since the G920 is coming out,i am going to get it,it is a much more reliable wheel in my opinion.

Thanks! I was planning on upgrading to the leather rim once I muster up some more money.

You can now buy the servo base only, so you can now piece together everything that you want from the start, and they just released an alcantara wrapped wheel!

See I don’t know if I can wait that long. Such a hard decision. I’ve also heard the G920 is way overpriced due to its G27 technology, and it runs louder than the TX. I know the TX have reliability issues, but does anyone know whether they have a new batch of product with some of these issues resolved? Think I might go for the TX and upgrade it later. Even if I have an issue, I’ve heard their support team is superb.

The G920 does use old tech shared with the G27, but it’s upgraded. And yes, it probably will run louder just because it uses a gear system instead of belt driven, but it’s not going to be significant. The problems with the TX have been reduced, but they still occur from time to time. As for their customer service, it’s okay. When I had a problem with my TX, it took around 2 weeks total to get a replacement base. About a week of that was exchanging emails because of all the info they wanted to process the replacement.

I’m just going to spring for the TX. I doubt the Logitech can be optimized like the TX can with all the bells and whistles.

That’s the big upside to the TX is the amount of customization you can do with it. But now you have to ask yourself whether you want to get the TX or wait for the new servo base to be released.

Probably just go with the TX because it’s really only $30 more and I want to get into sim racing ASAP