Thrustmaster TMX steering wheel not working with forza horizon games

In forza horizon games my Thrustmaster TMX steering wheel is constantly disconnecting. When i drive with my Thrustmaster TMX steering wheel, it works some of the time, however sometimes it randomly disconnects from forza horizon, i then completely loose steering, and can not accelerate, or brake… The steering wheel reconnects after a few seconds, and it does this every ten minutes. I have tried fixing the issue by updating my steering wheel software to the latest version, this stopped the wheel randomly disconnecting for a few hours, but then the issue came back. I have then tried driving with my steering wheel on forza horizon 4, but had the same issue. I then tried forza motorsport 7, and the wheel was absolutely fine, never disconnecting. So i think this is a problem with forza horizon games, or the Thrustmaster TMX steering wheel. If anyone else has this same issue, please reply to this post, and if anyone has a possible solution to this problem, please reply to this post.

Are you on PC, because I don’t seem to have this problem.

Also, is your wheel always plugged in? Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting it? Sometimes that helps.
Here is the link to Thrustmaster Support:

If all else fails, contact Thrustmaster directly via email or through the website if possible.