Thrustmaster Ferrari Racing Wheel :Red Legend Edition

I was eager to download Apex and the Demo for Forza Horizon 3 but I’m still trying to set up apex. Ive looked at the support list and prior had tried to set up my wheel as a controller and set up my own setup. like much of my other games, wasn’t really found. except the face Apex cant even see the Wheel. its updated on its drivers. Im wondering If there is any way I can play with my wheel setup. Id really hate to have to use my controller(the thought makes me cringe since I got my wheel).

If someone could please assist me In this. that would be great.


Your wheel is fully supported. Please check this thread. Forza Motorsport Forums

However, currently there is a bug in Forza Apex if you set up a new custom wheel profile. For everything to work correctly do this:

  1. In input options choose default wheel profile and then click on CUSTOMIZE.
  2. It will bring you to another screen where you can bind controls.
  3. Once you’ve done it, save it with another name.

Have fun!

If you still have problems, visit the support chat (link in that thread, first post).

I have the same wheel and the game seems not to detect this wheel

Can I bump this, I have the same problem! Please help!


Actually the Ferrari Red Legend Edition Steering Wheel is not on the supported list.
I have the same wheel.
After couple of days and a lot of experiment I found the way to play Forza 6 Apex with this wheel.
You will need Inputmapper 2 for this. The program emulates your wheel as an Xbox controller and you can play the game.
But there is a long way to mapping and setting the axis correctly. And after that you will find out, the game has very poor steering sensitivity with controller (what you cannot set) so it makes steering horrible.
I spent few days to make my wheel work. I was so happy to make this challenge and now i feel completely lost bc this stupid sensitivity issue.
Try other game? Or buy a supported steering wheel? Or wait until they make our wheels supported?
Maybe somebody can help with controller steering sensitivity?

Have Fun! :confused:

Wheel is fully supported with correct steering sensitivity and acts like a wheel not a gamepad. If you want to add support for your wheel, please visit support chat I’ve set up (link in my signature).