Thrust master TX wheel vibration issues

Okay so I’ve had my TX wheel for 3 days now and everything seems to be working fine, the FFB works great and is very strong when set to 100 but I’ve noticed that I can’t feel the slightest bump in the road when it comes to vibration. I get great feedback off road but I guess what I am concerned about is the vibration because I can’t feel the cobble stones or the bricks that makes up some roads. and when I purposely wreck head on at over 100 MPH with FFB and vibration set to 100 the wheel only moves abruptly about 90 degrees in one direction and definitely doesn’t vibrate like I think it should. I’ve seen videos of people saying they can feel even the cobble stones in the road with their wheel and I cannot at all. Anyone have some advice or the same problems as me? Or am I just over thinking it as an issue when it’s really not?