Three Minute Tune

I give up.


Thanks man works great on the laferrari

When you say divide in half you lost me doing a muscle cars arb which are 20 and 19 so how do i divide those in half? gotta show the formula for us math haters

If the ARBs are 20/19, dividing them in half would make the new settings 10/9.5

So confused on springs whegit is 3287 lbs front display is 56 show me the fourmla

3287/2=1643…1643*.56=920… Front spring setting is 920
1643-920=723…Rear spring setting is 723

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i love this guide, but the differentials seem to be all over the place. i heard about so many tunes with 60,10 differentials so whats the difference

The Three Minute Tune is just a base, applicable to almost all cars. The differential suggestions reasonably fit a wide variety of cars. They’re not great for every car, but they’ll do. Top racers don’t use “system tuning”, but others may find it a good place to start. I encourage you to experiment and above all have fun!

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This works great! Thanks befuddler. This lets me tune cars as fast as I get them and they drive really nice. I used the one on Forza 5, but I think it works better in Horizon.

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Thanks for the post. The 3 minute tune works great on a handful of my cars.

Quick bump for new tuners

Can anyone suggest what to do when the formula shown for the springs results in higher settings than what are attainable for the car?

For example, in an attempt to tune the Mclaren P1, with a weight of 1495 and distribution of 42%, the resulting settings are 313/434.5. But the stifness only goes up to 243.9/243.9.

I must be doing something wrong here, as people have stated elsewhere they’ve had good results tuning the P1 with these formulae.

I think that it results from american to european units conversion.
My FordGT’s default front spring is at 156,8kp/mm, rear at 169,9kp/mm, adjustable from 29,1 to 233,1kp/mm.
At a weight of 1429kg i get 321,75, how should i convert it to fit?
Maybe someone could tell me the standard/measurement unit in your country version , so i will look for a way to convert, even though being a “Math Hater” ;D
Please excuse my bad english and many thanks to befuddler and all the other guys who help to improve having fun with forza.

One way to fix it for conversions in game is switching the “units of measure” I think is what it’s called. I haven’t tried it but basically it converts km/h to m/h and vice versa. It may work for the rest of it too. Saving the drama of doing hateful math ourselves.

32.175 kg/cm is 457.64 ish psi. That sounds wicked high for a 2200 lb Ford Gt. Either that or I’m thinking the wrong GT. I ran 325 psi coils in my GT in front.

Here’s a link to the conversion calculator I - Online unit converter - Pressure Conversions

Thank you guys for quick response.
@PPiDrive: No, I’m not using offroad-springs, it seems to be caused by conversion of the units.
I switched from metric to english units ingame and it works fine, but i don’t want to switch every time for tuning.
So i’m looking for a way to calculate it in metric system: After cooking my brain for an hour by studying wiki and calculating around i got the simple solution.
You only have to divide the calculated value of weight(in kg!) by 2,54, which is the ratio of inch/cm.
For example my FordGT is at 1429kg and 45% front: 1429kg / 2 = 714,5 → 714,5 * 0.45 = 321,525 → 321,525 / 2,54 = 126,6
It fit’s exactly when I switch to english units and calculate it by lbs-weight.
Hope this helps some other “Metric Guys”.

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I don’t have the new GT yet, just the old MkII. But, that sounds about right. For some reason, “feels” strong, but yep, definitely better. Great job figuring that out! The math-theory part sounds good.

Could be a math or conversion error. Could be that you used rally springs instead of race springs.

You may have fitted the Rally suspension?

Love the arbs formula, simple but gives good time advantage in rivals.