Three curiosites on Forza Horizon 4

  1. If i buy the Deluxe Edition, all DLCs will be free?
  2. Every season change as in real life, or does it change at random (that is, casually)?
  3. Why this game runs to me at 60 FPS with everything on ultra (no extreme)? Because Forza Horizon 3 gave me some lag issues.

1: no, the deluxe doesn’t include all dlc.

2: seasons change on a weekly basis.

3: that all depends on your PCs hardware.

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I mean the version where you can download all DLCs for free instead of buying them.
Because in the Deluxe Edition of NFS: Payback you can.

Sry for my bad english…

That would be the ultimate edition of fh4. Although if future dlc is released beyond that of the description, you can expect to pay for it at that time.

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