Thoughts about flying laps (and lack of support for it in Forza games)

I am curious to everyone’s thoughts on this issue.

A flying lap is a lap started by a competitor at optimum speed, as opposed to a lap from a standing start. Where this matters is all Forza “hot lap” events, such as Rivals, leaderboards, and any event geared around lap times (as opposed to position).

Why not start us a corner back to allow for the first lap to be a flying lap, so we do not have to waste an entire lap to get 'flying"? Consider long tracks like the Nürburgring where you have to drive around the entire track once – a wasted effort due to the standing start – just to get speed around the last corner.

I think we should do it like the professionals do, and start us one corner back!

What do you think?

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One way to do a “Flying lap” in rivals is to not cross the line when you start the event, and instead reverse and drive backwards a few corners, then start a lap. It also helps to get your tires warmed up.
Hope this helps!