Thought this was supposed to be a racing game

Seems like with out the lobby system, which I really liked, no one is interested in racing. I’m lucky to get three out of ten to join a race. Any thoughts?

No problems here racing online.

The game released not even 24 hours ago, maybe that would explain the lack of people online? A lot of people were asleep when the game released and are currently at work/school. Maybe try waiting a full day before worrying about lobbies being empty…


Game is new. People may want to play solo at first.


All of the above replies are decent, and keep in mind that even with lobbies, you sometimes got stuck with players who weren’t interested in racing (crashing doesn’t count).

Switch sessions and see what you get. Also, I would encourage you to join a larger club (e.g., OVEN) if there aren’t many friends on your friends list who play FH2. That will pair you with players that may be more inclined to what you enjoy.

One should also pay attention to that the game is still not released in most parts of the world. Give people time to play some solo before you expect them to play with others. It’s a whole new world to get used to.

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Good old common sense should alert you that a lot of people either are at work or school as of now. I’m willing to bet by 7-8pm central time servers will be crazy


Join an online game the cruise mode is the race mode nothing but racing to the event then racing the event itself… the online cruise mode is basically that.