Thought I was going to win, but then.......

Well I don’t have a clue what happend here but never expected that. FH2 - Online Drag - WTF!! - YouTube. Thought the game had froze but then realised I could move camera around, anyone come across this before?

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HA! not seen that before

Oh, that’s easy to fix!

A) Turn off the flux capacitor in your vehicle. Notice how a moment after you hit 188MPH you “froze in time?” Yeah, sometimes I forget to turn mine off too…

B) Only throw your active-camo anchor out of your car after you’ve crossed the finish line.


WHERE did you buy those BRAKES??!!

Borrowed sticky grass from FM5. Took a whole game’s worth of it and stockpiled it all in one spot.


I’m guessing he stole them off the truck from that Duralast brakes commercial