Those men were... Insane

Those late 60’s F1 cars (Eagle-Weslake T1G, Brabham BT24, McLaren M2B) are terrific.

As in they inspire absolute, gut wrenching terror in the driver. These things are AWESOME!!! They’re not cars, they’re weapons, legendary ones like Excalibur or Gungnir. The guys who drove them IRL definately had something wrong inna head. I love to drive fast, but I doubt I’d have tha cajones to leave 1st gear in one of these barbarians!

Different story in the game, though. Can’t get enough of 'em.


That 1939 Moments in Motorsport Showcase event with the Maserati and the Audi racing around Spa really gave me a blast - those drivers of old reminded me of those magnificent men in their flying machines - pure madness and thrills combined.

I really enjoyed the Brabham BT24. For me, the really insane ones were the people who drove the Lotus E23 at Nordschiefe. For the life of me, I couldn’t keep that car on the road at anything resembling a reasonable speed.

Racers at that time was brave heroes, I love these monster cars…

That Eagle-Westlake is a handful,even with TC on its hard to keep it straight!!

They were manly men. That is without question.

I always thought same about the board track racers (motorcycles), and the bike racing with sidecars… Those nutjobs racing around turns with half their body hanging out of the sidecar trying to keep it upright. Those guys are superheroes.

I live on the Isle of Man and go up to the TT every year. It is quite amazing just how flat out they go. If you look at the onboard cams then it’s just insane. Unfortunately there are people I see go down Bray Hill and never make it back :frowning:


If you get the chance, check out the movie Grand Prix with James Garner. Awesome flick from that era.


I go up to Lime Rock every year for the Historic Festival, and although they don’t have any old F1 cars, or V8 open cockpit cars, There are 1930’s Bugatti’s, Bentley’s, Morgan’s, and MG’s, among others, and seeing them race them is incredible. It is dangerous though. Last year, we saw a driver (Lee Duran) roll his 1934 MG PA. The drivers of those cars really had balls of steel.

As the intro says, “High on power, short on safety, no guarantee that those starting the race would finish it.”

I have a lot of respect for them.

Exactly… Which makes it absolutely gut wrenching that we can’t set up races with AI using these vehicles in free play :frowning:

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A lot of those men died driving them as well.

Yeah these were the formative, Jim Clark era years when F1 was raw and unfettered in terms of power restrictions and unfortunately, safety!!!

Indeed. Even the spectators were toying with fate.

I agree totally. I just finished up the Showcase event with the McLaren M2B in freeplay on Laguna Seca in Pro with no assists. It took me about 12 attempts, but then I realize I had my car PR 754 or so, after I upgrade it to 800 I won it. It’s a great car to master, so pure with the drive input requirements. It’s also a great car to master drifting on and Leguna Seca with its twists and turns is a great track to do it own.

Anybody else watch Rush after playing the 1976 F1 moments in motorsport

Didn’t have to. I played the race a 2nd time using Lauda’s whip instead :slight_smile: