This may be a long shot but, Is anyone from the HLR team ( Hard Luck Racing ) still around?

This may be a long shot but, Is anyone from the HLR team ( Hard Luck Racing ) still around? We were quite prevalent on forza 3. I just got back into forza after a long break ( completely missed forza 4 ). Figured I would see if anyone from the old team is still kicking around in the community! Or anyone who even remembers us! Racing online by yourself is rather boring so if any of you are still around please shoot me a message or a request!

hlr juggernaut
hlr toffo
hlr warrior
hlr guru

are a few that i know of that are still kicking around… not sure how many post here tho.

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Geez, the American never gets any love. As stated, we are very much alive and kicking. Most are more active on FH2, top 10’s easily being set daily. I still dabble in FM5 when the mood strikes me.

Only one from that list i remember is warrior ! thank you !

i know a few hang out at the ptg forum and a few of the guys also hang out at forzauniverse forum.

Alphadog is still hanging around although he is not too active on FM5 at the moment, Mostly see him on FH2, but still occasionally drops by in FM5 too.

I’m the new face in the group, and I’m currently spending time mostly with PTG guys, as they are probably most active bunch of guys.

HLR GR1MR34P3R is still around, although he is in another team and has completely new GT these days

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Well I’m gonna shoot ya a friend request lets race sometime!

Sup Jewin nearly everyone from the FM3 days has moved on :frowning:


It is i shall add you up soon as i get online :slight_smile:

I raced with HLR King Cobra last month . . .

I was HLR FOOT for most of FM3, up until nearly everybody left.

You want come back? Because id welcome you back

Is the team website still there? Or you got a new one? Post a link and I’ll check it out.

Great to have you back jewin. I just missed you on the team. We are still active with new members. It would be a shame to brake up a team as old as ours hence the reason i joined 3+ years ago. Most of the guys have not take to f5 but still really quick if you lubricate them…lol. Im a very proud member and allways will be and attempt to keep the team going to my best ability. But were getting old…but not dead yet.

dont have the website anymore but warrior runs forza universe and most of the guys are members

New home of HLR, we are coming back with a vengeance. FM5 may not be the game we all hoped for but thats no need to give up. We are quitte active in Forza Horizon 2 and have been hitting some top times thanks to some wicked tunes.
Come along and check us out, all former members welcome.

Most of us don’t age so can’t get old and ultimately can’t die.
Looking at getting old and new members back into the HLR family.
Follow URL in HLR RedStu’s post as per above :wink:

I love you bro!!

I see this is a crazy old thread. I am formerly HLR/FTW Jigsaw. Where is a good spot to go to get into some good racing now in FM7? I’m looking to reconnect with some old friends I’ve lost contact with.