This is the end of my Forza Horizon experience.

Good day,

Today I found (again) the problem of some update gone mad, forcing me to reinstall the whole game.

I tried (again) all the possible fixes from this forum (folder rename, app reset, Windows store reset, Windows update service reset…), fixes that usually worked…
Not this time tho.

I was forced to uninstall the game.
Sadly I don’t have the time (and bandwidth) to reinstall it.

I’m sad, it is a great game, and I enjoyed every minute of it! But having this issue with EVERY single update everytime, honestly made me lose my temper once and for all.

Enjoy, everyone who can!
Hope my custom liveries will live on :wink:

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That does stink that you had to do that!

I must be the most lucky player of this game. Been playing it since November and havent had any real issues at all. I must be dodging bullets!

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X Box S is pretty stable, you should save up for one.

If you need official support, please create a ticket on the support site.

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