This is the end of motorsport

It’s the same in every other game, it’s always just 4x or 2x AF.

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So weird. Probably there is a reason for this. Maybe not? Idk. Thanks for all info! :+1:

It has something to do with the bandwith of the consoles GPU.

This video helps to understand what anistropic filtering is.

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Dude, I was just trying to help. My xbox series x would freeze on demanding games, lighter games were fine for a while but the problem got progressively worse. I called xbox they ran some tests and determined the power supply was on it’s way out. They shipped out a new one and haven’t had the problem since.

And to answer the magic computer question. It’s not magic, I run the game on a 2023 Lenovo Legion i9/4090 4k maxed out.

And you are the only one that doesn’t get the freezes in loadscreens yeah sure…

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I gave up on Bose years ago when they started building in Mexico(beautiful place). Also I used to swear by Koss headphones but they moved to Mexico and now are low grade trash as well. I have Infinity speakers atm and am really happy with them.

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Get the Dolby Access app, that will heighten the experience, I assure you.

Infinity is good yeah.

It isnt pointless, if a 100 people say your product is bad or 10,000 makes a huge different. So he is #9845 lets say, thats all!