this game still has online issues?

I just bought the game expecting eveything to work after all this time…

I come to find out i cant get online… ive gone through multiple pages trying to figure out how to fix it … tried everything and it still doesnt want to work for me… please tell me theirs an actual official fix for this

I’ve not experienced any issues. What is the message you are receiving when trying to access these features?

Haven’t received any issues online at all since maybe the month after launch.

Only times I can think of with issues would be down to Xbox which currently everything is fine on their service alerts

It says unable to connect to session check your connection…

But i have google fibre
An open nat type
And ipsec is enabled …so i dont know whats going on with it i have hard reset … reset my router everything but it still doesnt work

And the thing is everything else works i just cant aeem to get into a match

Is your console connected wirelessly or via an Ethernet cable?

It is hooked up via ethernet cable

And by your aforementioned “hard reset,” you mean you performed a complete consoler power cycle?

Yes held button for 10 seconds till it turned off waited 30 seconds powered back on

You said you reset the router, how about the modem?

Have you played through the game and completed the “tutorial” portion?

Not having completed this may prevent you from playing online.

Online feature tabs are greyed out and not selectable during the initial three championships. The fact the user has reported an error message signifies they are beyond that point of the game.

x X E V O L X x: for how long have you been trying to access online features and subsequently receiving the error message? Also, are you able to access Rivals mode, as well as paint and tune download features?

My router/modem are all in one and yes ive beaten the game … lol since its all i can do… i dont have any troubles with any other game… i play gta cod dying light… everything works fine but this game

Ive been trying since last night probably an hours worth i can get paint jobs fo rivals everything but online free roam road trip and i cant even start my own session

Hmm … so you have access to some online features, just not creating private lobby sessions? Have you double checked to see if your ports are opened accordingly for Xbox Live? If something is off here, it may prevent you from creating your own online lobby session.

I cant get into any type of session not just my own online session

Well, having done all that troubleshooting, there really isn’t much else you can do on your end except to wait it out for a few hours and give it another try. I would also suggest performing the console power cycle before each attempt. Any time I’ve experienced a connectivity issue, it was solved with a power cycle. So, eventually (and theoretically) you should regain the ability to get into multiplayer lobbies at some point.

Additionally, if you would like to communicate your issue with Turn 10 directly, you can contact them via email at

Thank you for your help!

You’re welcome and hopefully it all starts working for you sooner rather than later.

Have you gone into the settings menu and checked your connection,mutiplayer and the like? It may show something amiss there,just a thought. Oh and Snowowl always says to unplug the power brick for 5 min when doing a power cycle.