This game keeps frying my pc

Since this game has come out on november 5th, i have fried 2 3080s, a motherboard, and 3 sets of 32gb ram. I would just like to know if anyone else has had similar issues. Btw here are my pc specs.

Asus z490 hero
Msi 3080 10gb oc
Intel i9 10900k
Msi 850w psu
Nzxt 240mm water cooler
Corsair vengeance 32gb 3600

Are you overclocking?

Nope, all of my bios settings are default and I haven’t overclocked via any apps

Wow… Get some monitoring software in place to alert you next time your PC or card goes above certain thresholds.

It doesn’t go over any thresholds. The temperature gets to a maximum of 70 celsius, my gpu at around 96% and about 1700 gb of memory usage. the gpu uses about 6 to 8 gb of vram

That is very strange. Voltage/surge issue?

I have a surge protector and my psu seems to be running completely normal

What’s your home environment like? Is it hot and dusty?

Do you run your PC with the side panel removed?

Have you replaced the PSU or if it’s modular replaced the component power cables?

The fact that so many components have died points to a common denominator, that could be dirty power (surges) or static electricity