things to fix pt 2

1 game doesn’t recognize half the turns and passing.2. mods are are terrible almost most of them are perfect things to do and why pay for them when you get them as gifts 3 car collection should be put on order by make instead of hunt for them. 4 put in some fun tracks not atl this stupid professional. ones put more city tracks in and off road ones that would be fun if people want hard core racing gran torismo forza is supposed to be a fun game. thank you
PS the loading is to slow also

1: it doesn’t register as a good or perfect pass/turn if you make contact or go off track (or did so just before the pass/turn).
2/3/4: personal opinion; therefor: wishlist , not something for technical support

hi to let you know i know where and when to make a turn and pass the forza games don’t have this problem just tihs one

IIRC, perfect passes have to be done within a certain distance away from the car and at a certain speed. Same goes for good passes. Everything else is just a regular pass.

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ok i did a test today i hit the same corner over and over again and sometimes it counted but most of the time it said nothing at all look I’m not a rookie at this i have done this for a lot years so yes somewhere there’s error and i did the same test in passing and it did the same thing

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