Things related to Kentucky Please

Here are pictures of a couple of things related to Kentucky. I am looking for designs with things related to Kentucky especially a design with ALE81. Another thing related to Kentucky is the Kentucky Derby.

ale8one1 by Rodney Cotner, on Flickr

StaxxBBQ by Rodney Cotner, on Flickr

Please, painters post pictures of your designs here for a chance to win some credits.
First Place 100 million, 2nd place 75 million, 3rd place 50 million. All other participants will receive 25 million credits.
Designs relating to Kentucky history like Daniel Boone would be great as well.
Hope to see some great designs soon.

participationPrizeCar1 by Rodney Cotner, on Flickr

Car above can be a participation prize car if someone with participate in this competition. Please post photos here of designs with something related to Kentucky.