They tweeted back!

Story time: I’ve played around with painting cars ever since Forza Motorsport 1. But since the release of Horizaon 4 I have gotten a little more serious about it.

I have dabbled in generic racing liveries, some of them being tributes to Twitch channels:

Of course I made the standard Galaxy scheme a time or two:

Generic fades and flame jobs:

This was all well and good but I wanted a challenge, I wanted to put a ton of work into one paint job, pour my heart and soul into it. So, I asked my wife to “Pick out a brand for me and I will make a livery for it”. She takes a couple days and I remind her a couple times until one day she is going to the grocery store and I tell her to pick me out a brand there. She comes back with half a dozen Snapple single bottles and 3 of the large multi-serve bottles simply because they were on sale and says “Make a Snapple paint job”. So that is what I did.

Wondering if anyone else had done it, I searched “Snapple” in layer groups…and the only result was my Snapple logo I had just finished making. So I continued by making the flavor label, copying the cap text, makeing a group for the website and so on. I put it all on the car and I am absolutely thrilled with the results.

So I take a few pics and tweet it out, tagging Snapple so that maybe some people will see it…and then while I was at work today…

So, you might hate my Snapple livery, you might hate all of my liveries, but I am ecstatic that Snapple actually replied to my Tweet

PS: That color fade on the side of the car is actually based directly on the label on a bottle of Snapple Fruit Punch, it is not just a generic fade.


congrats, nice they like it and answered you :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work

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Maybe you should have chosen a higher end brand ? :wink:

Get recognition from a company like Breitling … Tag Heuer … or Moet …

nice work by the way … cool to be recognised

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Interesting idea, I will keep that in mind lol

So what did they send? haha

Nice job.

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They asked for my address to “Send you something special Smiley wearing sunglasses emoji” so we will just have to wait and see.