These physics get on my nerve...

My friend and I just tried the Lancia Co-Op Challenge. 27 tries and an hour and a half later, still couldn’t finish it.


1.) The car rolls and doesn’t stop rolling because there is NO Reset button. You have to wait for the game to determine when to reset. Give us a Reset button manually!

2.) The car hits a tree and stalls out because it is the worst car I have ever driven.

3.) The car hits a tree and sometimes comes to a sudden stop, and other times it just decides to bounce around it and spin out and crash into more trees.

4.) The ground turns into ice driving and there quite literally is no grip.

I feel like this game has a lot of issues when it comes to the non-original physics. Hit boxes don’t seem to be set up right in this game and off-roading is very wonky.

Sorry for the rant, because it is a shame to be saying negative things about this game when the rest of the game is near perfect! But these 2 issues are making it very hard to enjoy certain aspects of this game. Anyone have any paths that lead to the least resistance?

It’s a hard challenge…it’s not meant to be easy, I think the off-road driving is great in this game. There is a small path through the trees in that challenge and to make it to the finish in time you should skip the road and cut through the second set of trees as well…I haven’t tried it online yet but I know I needed the replay feature to beat it solo so I can imagine it being extremely difficult online.

Sounds like u need to stop running into things (epically trees) lol. I do agree with a manual reset button while flipping because the cars act like bouncing balls once the rollover

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It does seem strange you can’t reset as there is already a button (Y) setup for rewind on single player. Its also annoying when you miss a checkpoint in multiplayer and you have to wait for the countdown as well as being reset to the checkpoint at 0mph. You have virtually no chance of catching up.