thers is a rending err in color , when the track is raining

I found this error in spa and maple valley, When I start without rain. but raining when the race going. the color of rending will change, green a while blue a while, that makes me feel terrible when I drive, it very easy to notice the error of the color in the shadow, I will post the picture below

i’m sure it not because of the ad of xbox makes the color in green, Because even without the green AD of xbox, the color still become green sometimes

Finally im not the only one with this wierd problem . On Le Mans and Maple Valey always when raining , colors shifting to green and blue ish and this is only in cockpit view (playing the PC version) Dont know if problem is with reflection on windscreen or something else but it always looks wierd in rain with colors shifting around .

Same problem here, Spa under rain. Windshield goes blue and green randomly.