There's seems to be a discrepency between these forums and the retailers .. help clarify please

So I’m new to the world of racing sims/games. I want a wheel but something is confusing me.

1 - Thrustmaster TX - Half the people recommend it, the other half hate it. Furthermore, none of the major retailers sell it (not best buy, amazon etc) is it exclusive to gamestop or was it pulled? Were there issues with first iterations but they’re ok now?

2 - Logitech G920. People are evidently playing on it according to the forums (here and Logitech’s) but all I’m finding is a release date later this year. In this a difference regions or retails? If its retailer which one …because I very much want a wheel?

Maybe I’m just being a complete ninny but as of this writing, I can’t get a straight answer from the web.

Enlighten me please

Thank you in advance

1 - I haven’t used a TX, but I do know that Thrustmaster is ‘sometime soon’ releasing the base as a stand alone item, so the retailers might be just waiting on that stock instead of bringing in the full TX as it was originally sold.

2 - I’m assuming you live in US. Australia has just starting receiving their stock of G920s and I’ve put mine on lay-by at EB-Games. Logitech aren’t providing a release date as it seems they can’t stock all territories at once and so are just telling retailers to start selling them when they get their stock.

Sorry it’s not exactly the answers you were after (especially on point 1), but I hope it helps add a few pieces to the puzzle for you.

My guess is with the new Thrustmaster servo base coming out, retailers are looking to stock that instead and/or Thrustmaster is discontinuing the TX model because of the problems it’s had. My guess is the latter. Thrustmaster will also probably come out with a mid range force feedback wheel like they’ve done for the PS4 already, but not until after the release of the servo base.

As the G920, it seems to be releasing in other regions sooner while it won’t be released in the US until mid Oct.

Yeah, it sucks to be in North America right now =S
I’m in Canada and my order still says it will be shipped once the product gets released on Sep 30th!!!
Oh well, the controller will have to do for now