There should be an option to increase traffic in FH5

I think there should be an option to increase the amount of traffic in the event lab blueprint and super7 settings. There should be an option with the on and off options to increase the traffic amount. You can’t really swim trough the traffic on the highway because the normal traffic amount is too low. I would be thankful if my suggestion was added in to the game.

I agree but they should program the ai traffic properly otherwise it would be a big pile up of cars. You already see them crashing into eachother now and that’s with very light traffic


Doubt they’ll do that for h5 at this point but for a future title definitely needed.

Traffic density option for horizon solo would be a nice touch to make the open world feel a bit more alive.


There should also be one to Remove it, as I am sick of being Slammed by Traffic Cars that have Failed to react to ANY sort of in Game Stimulus!

They have to add traffic density to bring a lot of ppl back and traffic Ai in event lab would be a game changer cause pp could make a bunch of city maps

needs way more traffic it feels way to less active on the roads add some more traffic not to much but just the right amount of traffic

I also would like there to be an option to multiply the amount of traffic in a race like being able to double the cars power


One thing that I would like to suggest in a potential future update is adding more traffic congestion on the massive highway of Forza Horizon 5. Driving on the highway is a blast for me and im sure many of you can agree. But i will not lie, its always empty and feels almost as if its an abandoned road sometimes. I propose that perhaps in a future update, the devs can add traffic congestion in the game. Im sure many people have heard of Assetto Corsa’s mod named “No Hesi”. It is a mod that basically allows players to engage in intense highway battles and swerve through traffic. Imagine how fun that would be in Forza horizon 5. But i understand that not many people would want traffic on the highway, so i also propose a time cycle in which during the day time, the highway is empty, but during the night time, the highway is full of npcs. What do you guys think?

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