There is no challenge in this game. Is this how the Horizon games always are?

Think of it like those games at the fairground which say ‘Winner every time’ with a big 3ft fluffy toy as the grand prize, then you screw it up and walk away with a lollypop. Sure you were a ‘winner’ but were you really?

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the main objective i thinks in this game is collecting cars. for that you need credits and for credits you need to finish first with as little assists as possible and with high as possible drivatar diffuclty.
finish last will give you a star but no credits.
thats the main challenge in this game be as good as possible to earn money to buy expansive cars.
if we had to finish 1st to advance i am sure this forum would be bomb with complains about why i need to repeat the same race over and over agian to get to the next race.

You couldn’t be more wrong. Before you throw around thoughts you should really check your stats. The payoff difference between first and last place in a race is 15% to the base pay out. Finishing position is very minor in its relevance.

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I haven’t been specifically keeping track, but I have the vague impression that the difference in Influence between first and last place may be more noticeable.

I haven’t done the math for the effect on influence and finishing position, I’ll check that tonight. However I do know this, if you dnf a race, meaning you’re doing a coop with some of your buddies and crash really bad and don’t make it to the end within the 30-second timer it cuts your influence in half! So try to keep up with your fast friends or don’t hit so many trees. That advice is mostly for myself cuz it happens somewhat regularly LOL.

I mean if you’re cool with getting last place every time and you consider that winning then…

If I don’t get first I consider it a loss (especially in campaign mode). Most of us play the game online and campaign is just a way for us to earn money to build cars for online. A lot of people also don’t do any racing at all, they paint, they take pictures, they cruise… I think it’s fair to say however that most people do not only play campaign races.

Not sure who you’re speaking for when you say “most of us”. Didn’t know that your Club had the entire user base of hundreds of thousands of horizon players. My club, which is now over 50 members, and not one of us has played multi-player online, we only play either Solo or Co-op. And that’s because the online multiplayer, like most racing games, is absolute garbage. Making inaccurate blanket statements to back up your opinions…


I agree with getting first,

But from my many years and countless hours of playing Forza I can assure you that “most of us” is MAYBE only a little above half (at best) that play the game online. Many of us don’t give a slice of poo about the online play, myself included :). I play the online features to the bare minimum to finish achievements and Rewards.

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im confused the only thing i play with on is abs and i still find unbeatable kind of a joke tbh i cant seriously tell the difference in ANY level of drivatar difficulty … i win by the same margin regardless on the same races ive even done tests and laughed about it … it makes no sense and the rewards you get for doing so are so minuscule that it makes me question why ANYONE would ever really bother with unbeatable when you get maybe 200 credits more for a victory and you can still just finish in dead last and reap some form of pretty decent reward there as well … then they go and make even the ranked playlists TEAM BASED which just seems so bewildering to me i cant wrap my head around it that there is no real challenge ever … the story missions are a joke, most of the pr stunts barring a few annoying drifts are easily completed … easiest forza yet and also the one with the least content and most broken things … such an immense disappointment

Add me to this group of people that are disappointed in this change. I realize that there are two different forza games and one is more serious and winning is more important. But they’re also distinctly different games in that one is open world and one is track based. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to win in our race cars.

Having absolutely no differentiation between first and last place on an event is absolutely ridiculous. In fact I don’t know if any of you have paid attention with the payout difference. If you win the race versus losing the race its only 15% less credits. That’s a difference from 1st place to 12th Place for 15% credits, it’s utterly ridiculous! You earn more money playing on unbeatable and finishing last place than you do winning on highly-skilled. How’s that for dumb.

Granted I like the open-world do what you want have fun sort of thing but at least keep track of our ranking position on the events so if we want to go back and do them again. At least in the old versions there was a reason to go back and improve on what you had done. At this point once I finish an exhibition and it says completed, which means nothing, I really have no other reason to go back. So once I’ve completed everything there’s not that much to do except wait for my friends to get online. I do like the collecting of cars, but every racing game has that. Every other racing game also has a podium and keeps track of finishing position, what a novel idea.


for me the real challenge is in the PR stunts. I don’t upgrade or tune so that may be part of my problem.

couldn’t disagree more - with all assists off and drivatar difficulty set to pro or unbeatable - the game will really make you work for wins. be patient and give it some time. the tuned physics model has made driving reasonably nuanced this time which i’m happy with. so give these suggestions a go - you’ll be struggling to win believe me!

It’s not really a gold medal in the way that you’re suggesting it. It’s basically just indicating which events you’ve done, versus the ones you haven’t.

There’s nothing wrong with slower cars. Kids that don’t know anything about racing mistakenly believe that racing isn’t fun or isn’t challenging unless you’ve got every car performing like a Formula One car. Slower doesn’t necessarily equate to easier. The AI match your performance level, whatever your performance level is, so to win you still have to get your vehicle around faster than the guys with roughly identical cars. Ayrton Senna is generally regarded around the world as the best F1 driver in history but in an interview he felt most satisfied with the racing he did in his youth in karts, even though they were technically slower.

To touch on winning versus coming in third, seventh, or last… You can tell who is a fan of actual motorsport from the armchair racing gamers by their philosophy about winning in racing games. The idea that the only acceptable result is first place and anything else is mediocrity is an ignorant gamer concept. In the real world, if you search the ends of the Earth gathering up the ten best drivers the world has to offer and put them in a race against one another, only one of them will win. It doesn’t mean the other nine are terrible drivers undeserving of winning. Somebody has to come second, third, fourth, and fifth, no matter their skill level, even if they’re all the best in the world. In professional motorsport, great drivers usually go home with something other than first place. They can’t win all the time. Not winning isn’t shameful, though. It’s just reality. And honestly, if you’re winning all the time, you’re not being adequately challenged. Is it really impressive if a MMA fighter is undefeated but all his fights were against toddlers? If you’re being properly challenged, you won’t always win.

No. FH3 was the best racing game I can remember and I’m 36 years old.

Everyone has their own opinion. In my opinion FH3 is/was nowhere near as good as FH and FH2, escepecially when you say racing. While FH4 isn’t that either, it’s PI system is like in FH2. Racing cars is fun again.

Team Adevnture needs some tweeks for the Road/street racing portion and I’d be happy like I was in FH2.

Edit: I agree with the OP that the SP events really need an indication in which place you finished them. There are some events I did with friends in Coop where I didn’t finish on the first spot and that annoys me alot. An indication to which event these are, is improtant.

When it comes down to it, if you come in last in all your races it will take you much longer to level up and could result in you not being able to complete/unlock all of the races in each series. Personally I think it would be better if it did indeed tell you what position you got in each race so you know which ones you can go back to and try and improve on.

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Exactly! Coming in last doesn’t mean you get the gold. It means you did the race and you were happy coming in dead last. Your wheel spins reflect your finishing position. The lower your finishing order the less likely you will get much in a wheel spin and you also don’t get much for credits at the end of the race.

That said, you can do the race over and over. I don’t me restart it and do it again, I mean when you end dead last… Take the credits and influence points and do the race again. It seemed in FH3 it was worth it to restart the race, because you got more in wheel spins with good stuff/credits. Not junk like crappy cars, horns and clothes that no one really notices. It nice to customize your character, but I don’t think junking up wheel spins with clothes is anything more than a way to make you grind away at the game longer. It has the opposite effect on me. I don’t have time to grind away so I don’t play. I play a different game.

Uh… Citation needed?

There will be no citation. Like quite a few posts in this thread people are spouting off stuff with absolutely nothing to back it up.

crank the difficulty up, turn the assists and rewind off and then youll be having some fun,. go for all of the stars in the story events. especially the worlds fastest rentals one.