The wait is killer

I had preordered since they announced FH3, i had a small file installed and it didnt let me preload, i have to uninstall it and then it quickly appeared in ready to install, preloading right now. The size is 46.34gb.

I pre-ordered Ultimate Edition just days after E3 and I must say that I have had my hopes and doubts on the way here but I am super keen to get my hands on it now because I will be getting the warthog as well :smiley:

It feels like to me the shorter the amount of time till the release the longer it is taking

It could be worse, it could be released at Christmas time instead of this month.

When are we going to stop talking about Halo and show more Forza Horizon 3? Show some new road car footage or release the full map? Lol Im dying right now!
But hey, I got to say first time playing Forza Horizon 1 the last couple of days. That game had to of been awesome for its time. When my PS3 finally died, I switched to Xbox One because of Forza!
Forza Horizon 1 highways are awesome! I love the diversity but wow I had to get used to the graphics! Forza Horizon 2’s graphics sure shows the power the current gen’s capabilities! I can’t wait for Forza Horizon 3! I love cars! Thank you Turn 10 & Playground games!

Well at least we got some new screen shots from yesterday it looks like.

I went back to FM5 to finish up career and get some more achievements/badges+titles so I can get more points. Hopefully I’ll be Tier 10 when they switch over!

If any of you have a backlog of games, try polishing it off! Especially if you have a long game in there that you know will take you at least a week or two to complete.

I think to get T10 you have to have 15,000 points, FH3 gives you cars depending on your Forza score what I read somewhere. I can do a few more in F5/F6 but can’t be bothered, I rather just paint than finish off any more achievements in Forza.

I’m honestly thinking it will be 14,000 points, as 15,000 would alienate everyone except the absolute die-hards and/or those that played Apex, and even if you played Apex, you still might not have enough. 15,000 is the exact limit available on consoles, and keeping in mind, some points in the earlier games you can’t get anymore (no DLC can be bought anymore in FM2-FM4, servers are gone for FM2 at a minimum, etc.). I get that it’s a top tier, but there does need to be some fairness too. If you were starting a brand new account today and somehow grinded every game to get the maximum score possible in a week, you wouldn’t even be able to get every point.

The tiers might restructure as well. Tiers 6 through 9 probably would be shifted up or down a bit, so you may be lucky and get bumped up by coincidence, or may be bumped down a bit, also by coincidence.

If I don’t make Tier 10, honestly, oh well. I can still just buy a Ford GT in the game anyway. I would still like to be max tier though :slight_smile:

What I’m doing while “waiting” :

  1. I still got some Loyalty points to grab in Apex.
  2. I still got Loyalty points to grab in FM5.
  3. FH1 just got released on XBox One for free, the graphics aren’t all that bad for a 4 year old game and it’s actually fun to play a fresh FH game from the start again (I never played it before, I do have FH2 though).
  4. And last but certainly not least, Assetto Corsa is just out on consoles!!! Amazing driving feeling! Unfortunately a knee injury prevents me from playing it much with my rig but I’m combining a little bit of AC (wheel until my knee hurts) with a lot of FH1 (controller) at the moment.

Certainly looking forward to the release of FH3.

I have points to grab in Apex also but I am unable to do so due to some connection issues with Windows 10 gaming and and Forza. I could hit my Tier 7 if they would just fix it.
I was happy to see FH1 in my list also but my old game save does not work with it and it has no connection to the Forza servers so I I can’t get the last remaining points for that.

Im just wondering when ittl let me preload on PC, i dont have an xb1 unfortunately :(. Im also really hyped for it though

I just bought a digital copy of FH3 Ultimate Edition. Still gotta wait 18 days and 1 hour though. Guess I’ll go back and forth between FH2 and FM6 for now.

Precisely what I have been doing. Finished out the 168 Championships on FH2 and got the Storm Island DLC and did most of that also. Just waiting on the demo to come out on the 12th now.

My milk says it expires on the 23rd. I can’t wait no more!