The upcoming FM7 vs. PC2 debate....

Is anyone else wondering whether the recent official reveal of PC2 will push FM7 to be an even better game? Perhaps FM7 will receive dynamic weather and more than one new track at launch. PC2 is really going all out it seems to expand and improve its track roster and give their players more in terms of new locations to drive. The first game will be available for free on Xbox Live Gold the second half this month. I haven’t tried it so it will be interesting to see how it compares to FM6.


Tbh i dont know if at this point turn 10 would be making any major changes because of pcars 2. If they had no plan to add dynamic weather or add a bunch more tracks itd be too late to start adding things like this. Things like esports and player ranking(trueskill) could certainly be tweaked. I dont think turn 10 will feel threatened by other racing games until they have to be.

Considering they mostly aim for 2 different demographics, I don’t see PCars and Forza really trying to outdo each other.

Forza is fairly realistic racing game for just about anybody to play.
PCars is a pretty serious simulation game, and aims for the hardcore racing demographic.

Sure there’s some overlap there, but on the whole, these are two totally different groups of people. Apples and Oranges.

I personally HATE PCars (mostly because I just like cars, I couldn’t give boar’s behind about what a real race career feels like). So Forza fits the bill perfectly for me. It’s got a ton of cars, fairly accurate physics, and never sacrifices fun in the name of realism.

Three things that held me back from this series are they took away fan favorite cars and tracks, even series staples, they revamped the career for worse, only centering on car culture instead of being on a race season, and the major offense to me is that took away the feeling of being a racr car driver. Project Cars’s career made you feel like a race car driver, so why can’t Forza do the same?

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2 great games…can’t wait+Xx

Forza is the game I use lying on the sofa playing with controller and PC2 is the game i take more serious and play with a wheel and pedal setup ,both games have their given place in my home.