The unturning tankpool?

ive been hunting all over the internet for a hint on how to make this brick on two sticks to handle better around turns. does anyone have any suggestions on how to tune it to make tighter turns??? please its bugging me batty!!

RWD? If so, loosen up the diff to 55%, it is preset to 100% = understeer. Adding widest front tires helps, and
front wing set to max. Set the front camber to -1.2, rear to 5.0 to minimise rear grip. Race swaybars set to
F: 30 R:27.5 and rideheight on top, =max. This to get some bodyroll, a lowered stiff brick will understeer. Softer
swaybars and it will start to loose grip.

Rear tirepressure at max

Dampers rebound should be set around 14-14.5

If AWD`ed; set the diff to F:55/0, R:55/50, 55% to rear wheels. Helps a bit but the truck is still heavy and hard to turn.

This will only make it a bit better but it is still a truck…

B-class RWD no areo: 151 620 914 - 190kmt at Broadway Commons, 164m at the Vindmill 1st try

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I made a tune that brings the truck down to B700. Engine brake before the turns. You still have to take them slow but the truck has so much power in B class that it easily pulls away coming out of turns and in the beginning it’s so heavy you can plow through the drivatars to the front of the pack. Some of the Street tracks have enough straight sections that you can get an insurmountable lead.

B class in a solo session, going the wrong way fairly slow on the M86 highway, also makes it easy to get the Trading Paint skills.

I made a different tune for getting 3 stars at a speed camera. The comment in the tune mentions which speed trap to use. PyuPyuCat is the xbox ID to search for.

For my tunes, I use a combination of HokiHoshi’s calculations (search YouTube) and these ( as a starting point. I made a Google spreadsheet to calculate everything because I got tired of doing it manually over and over. After the intial settings are ready, I open telemetry while driving the car to make adjustments. For the TankPool truck, I did use AWD but I think 90% of the power goes to the rear wheels. Watching the tire traction and camber in telemetry, I kept adjusting until the rear wheels would lose traction under heavy acceleration in a sweeping turn rather than plowing through it. Personally, I hate drifting but I prefer to have a car swing the rear out like a rally car instead of understeering off the road. As the previous poster mentioned, it’s still a truck and this is a heavy one. Inertia is going to keep it going straight if you fly into a 90 degree turn.

For this challenge, you can drop the difficulty setting to New Driver and still get credit for the wins. It makes it a lot easier.

If you want to make your own tune, here is the unadjusted data for the B700 tune I made. Angle, camber, tire pressure, and differential aren’t there because I set them using telemetry.

Car MB Tankpool #24
Type Truck
Class B
PI 700
Weight 12463
Distribution 62
HP 1080
PWR 0.0867
Torque 3685
Displacement 12800
ARB Front MIN 1
ARB Front MAX 65
ARB Rear MIN 1
ARB Rear MAX 65
Front ARB 40.68
Rear ARB 25.32
Springs Front MIN 1291.3
Springs Front MAX 6456.3
Springs Rear MIN 1291.3
Springs Rear MAX 6456.3
Ride Height Front 7.5
Ride Height Rear 7.5
Lateral Gs at 60mph 0.99
Springs Front - Method 1 4493.6
Springs Rear - Method 1 3254
Springs Front - Method 2 3863.5
Springs Rear - Method 2 2368
Springs Front - Method 3 1084.2
Springs Rear - Method 3 691.5
Rebound Front MIN 3
Rebound Front MAX 20
Rebound Rear MIN 3
Rebound Rear MAX 20
Rebound Front 13.5
Rebound Rear 9.5
Bump Front 8.1
Bump Rear 5.7
Aero Front 785
Aero Rear 1323

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JamesRyder2100, have you tryed out our suggestions? Did they turn?

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Make it very squishy, keep the power down as you brake and turn and throw it like a go kart. You won’t think it will hold but it will. If you try to drive it like a normal car it will just understeer you off.