The "two Suns mistery" in Rio Janeiro circuit

Hi everybody, first let me say I’m a franchise’s big fan and although I´ve been a long time away from the forums sometimes enters to read something.

Well this morning i was searching youtube videos for F6 news and start viewing this E3 gameplay video and i was surprised looking at the rear glass of the fabulous Ford GT, look at this:

I see "two suns" reflected there in this video positions:

0:54 → 0:56
1:43 → 1:46
2:25 → 2:27
2:46 → 2:48

Of course is gaming light spots, i only want to share with all of yours : )

shh, dont point out the bakery. It upsets people.

I hope they will fix that


I mean, it’s after 2010, right?

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So, I guess Rio is Tatooine, right?

By the way, I’m not a Star Wars nerd.

Huh, that’s a peculiar glitch. Wonder if it’s just that window/that car or if other surfaces will do it too.

First one is just a cross fade between two video sections, so not a glitch.
Second one looks like a change in car angle vs camera angle changing through corner which means the sun reflects in multiple areas as car body rolls or yaws.
Third one does like a weird reflection mapping issue.
Fourth one again looks like same issue.

So two don’t look like an issue, other two do. Needs some attention. lol

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