The Syndicate Gaming Network

Hello fellow racers! I would like to extend my reach out to you fellow racers who are looking to be a part of something bigger! Welcome to SGN! Currently out of our very large and diverse community there are a few people who play Forza, and i would like to change that. SGN doesn’t require anything of you and would love to see your name and chat come up on our Discord channel. We are not just Forza however, as we play everything our community wants to play. With our relaxed motto “Come for the Gaming, Stay for the Community” we believe that Forza Horizon ties in pretty well with us. Chill, relax, and hang out, Forzatographers, tuners, and racers alike.

Check out the site

Bump! Still looking for new members! We currently have about 100 active users everyday :slight_smile: Race on!