The Real Forza Horizon 3 Street Outlaws

This list is closed and will possibly never be active again due to lack of participation.

Read the information below if you want to take a shot at the list!


Official Shark Pool Sign Ups will be open from Friday afternoon to Wednesday evening at this link.

The list contains the top 10 fastest cars/drivers. If you plan on making the list you better be fast because once we get more than 10 drivers I will introduce the Shark Pool. Anybody in the Shark Pool will go through a round robin race event to see who is ready for the list. Once the shark pool round robin is over we will take the top 3 finishers (based on who won the most races) and they can call out the number 10 spot.

The way call outs and list racing works are as follows:

  • Anybody can call out the driver ahead of them at anytime.
  • If you have an active call out on the driver ahead of you, you can not be called out by the guy behind you.
  • When a driver is called out they have one week to get ready or they can race right there on race night.
  • If there is an active call out on you and you do not show up, you will lose your spot.
  • Anyone who does not show up on race night can lose up to two spots on the list to avoid list blocking.
  • Anyone who misses two (2) consecutive race nights will be removed from the list.
  • Anyone who is not active and we do not hear from you during the week and you don’t show up race night you are off the list.
  • Crossing the center line during the race will be an automatic loss.
  • If both players cross the center line, the first person to cross will be the loser.

Rules and Restrictions:

  • Must use the same car every week.
  • Car must be RWD from Factory (No Drivetrain Swaps).
  • Car must be FR (Front Engine RWD).
  • Nothing under 2500lbs.
  • Car has to have a roof (No convertibles)
  • Engine swaps are allowed but nothing bigger than a V8.
  • No V10, V12, 4 Rotor Racing Engine, 3.0L V8 Racing Engine, or 4.5L V8 (Ferrari 458 Italia Engine).
  • No Supercars, Hypercars, Extreme Track Toys, or Super GT.
  • No Dodge Dart Super Stock, King Cobra II, 67 Corvette, Charger Daytona, Mercury Coupe, 1967 Sunbeam Tiger 1932 Ford or 1940 Ford De Luxe.
  • No Duplicate cars.
  • No Assists (Traction Control)
  • No Automatic, must use Manual or Manual w/Clutch
  • If you plan on building a new car you have to pull your current car off the list and start at the bottom of the list.
  • Custom Paint jobs and tunes are allowed.
  • You can only change car once a month.

Below is the punishment for cheating:

  • Anyone caught cheating will be permanently banned from the list.

Race Master - TurboJunky34

Current Top 10 List:

  1. captinclutch49
  2. taylorham15
  3. TurboJunky34
  4. StreetSwpr
  5. bassman1911
  7. evil5211

Drivers List (Not Top 10):
TurboJunky34 (me) - 2008 BMW M3
bassman1911 - 1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS
taylorham15 - 1997 Mazda RX-7
captinclutch49 - 1973 AMC Gremlin X
evil5211 - 1973 Ford XB falcon GT
Streetswpr - 1993 Ford SVT Cobra R




I’m interested in doing this street outlaws style of drag racing

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This will be real fun, let’s hit up the streets.

Anyone for grudge racing in the meantime?


im down gt=prez violentc

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Im down too. Me and my monster miata

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I’m down! Xv Glockcoma vX is my GT

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Im in. My gt is Drunk Drifter95

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This does sound amazing but the RWD the cars have to be rear wheel or can they be standard at AWD/FWD?

Cars need to be RWD from factory so no drivetrain swaps.

U know they have raced awd cars on the show right there shouldnt be a restriction a drivetrains but i agree with no drivetrain swaps and no op engines

Friended all you guys on xbox.

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I am down Street King 748, I don’t know what car I am using it might be my Boosted GT replica

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PC players welcome? if I’m down (SinlessViper)

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Yes as long as your car of choice is within the regulations and there is no exploits involved with the PC version. Also the round robin racing has already began so you will have to wait until next Sunday in order to see what we can do with you. I will add you to the drivers list for now. The drivers list posted is the list of people we have in total not the top 10.

No exploits on PC, wouldn’t know how either way, Also its (SinlessViper) not Tippyelf :slight_smile:

Also I notice there is no class restriction? seems abit weird to me

By class I reckon you mean A, S1, S2, etc.?

Or car class?

I’m in. What class cars are we using?

As long as the car fits the restrictions class dont matter. Most cars seem to be Mid to High S1