The Prime Minister Photo Gallery!

Hello everyone …
Like so many other car and photography enthusiasts like me have done,
I decided to start posting my shots of FH5 here.

I’ll start with one of my favorite drift car, Her Majesty the 2009 Redbull Mazda #99 RX-8!

I hope you like it and that you are interested in my works, because I would love to continue bringing you more shots of all the fantastic cars in the game!

Enjoy <3

Today I will post some random shots taken all around Mexico! I hope you enjoy…

Good start, I like the way you experiment with different lighting and composition. A little CC if I may, add aperture! It’ll give your shots a sense of depth, which does two things: 1) Gives more realism, and 2) give’s your eye something to focus on, which is more visually compelling. Also you can move that watermark to any corner if it gets in the way there in the bottom right. Looking forward to more!