The Otaku Petrolhead's photo album

Hey everyone! I’m TomoyooSakagami, you can call me Tomo for short.
(Basic info: My username refers to a favourite character from an anime series called Clannad)
Anyway, I enjoy watching anime, classic cars, and aviation, and so far this game has fulfilled one of my interests :wink:

Here’s my collection of photos from Horizon 3, hope you guys enjoy them!

I love the Tesla, and the 2002. Good pics! Totally agree with your license plate as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol, I wanted to replace the license plate I had originally since that one had something suggestive on it, but thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:
And sure, I’ll check your photos out.

Nice reflections in this one, look forward to seeing some more.

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Here’s another collection, this time the E-Type :slight_smile:

Hmm…Interesting name, interesting license plate…

The shots are nice. You have decent control of the lighting.

Thanks :slight_smile:
A lot of these shots were inspired by the articles at Petrolicious, so I mimicked some of their shots there to get my lighting.

Great composition here

Solid start to your gallery

Thank you~

Some CLK love, enjoy!

Some scenes of the Mclaren F1, some constructive feedback appreciated :slight_smile:

Good to see you’re experimenting with different things. I think the F1 shots could be a bit more…dramatic, more colors, or higher shutter speed, etc. Also, composition and framing is very important. You want to have a clear focus, and want your subject to stand out.

I wanted to go for a more vintage look so that’s why the colours were a bit faded, thanks for the feedback~

Here’s a few shots with the Lola T70 and the Ford GT, enjoy~

Love your use of aperture and angle here…


Thank you~

Something tasteful for Sunday.

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Nice interior shot in this one, good layout!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Something new this time, just experimenting with cinematic effects in photoshop. Enjoy~