The Meyers Manx is no longer boring!!!!!

The Meyers Manx is now a fun toy!!!
Just download the tune made by me, called Wheelie Manx. It really is awesome.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

It’s a leaderboard car in D-Class (the car, not your tune), surprisingly fast on Cross-Country circuits.

My tune takes it to S1 class. 700hp. It does amazing wheelies.

Oh. I see what u r saying PJTierney.

Is it me, or does everyone like the Meyers Manx just because it can do wheelies? :stuck_out_tongue:

I never found it boring. And I’ve never done a wheelie in this game.


The Manx is one of my favourite cars in the entire game.

Same, I own like 8 of them :wink:

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No need to apologize, you are entitled to your opinion too. After all, it is the only car in this game able to do wheelies.

Anyone know a good wheelie tune? All the ones I download require me to spam the brake and accelerator buttons.

You can download mine. You press and hold the gas pedal for 'bout a second at a time. My gamer tag is TheCrasher1111