The matter of properties and houses in fh4

Hi guys big time forza fan, just starting to post on here though.

Ok so this is a long one and don’t know if this is in the right place or not, but here it goes, me and a friend have been talking about the implementation of houses/properties in fh4 and how they are used etc.

We’ve thought about how to make them more useable and come up with some ideas. (Don’t get me wrong I love the idea of houses and such, but we just wanted to add onto it a tad)

-having friends being able to visit your house/garage and being able to not only view your cars, but if given the permission to drive them for a total of an hour or so, (with a cool down mode for overusage/one time in a certain car per day, maximum of 3 cars in total per in game day to be able to drive) this will come with the choice of the homeowner being able to give permission to who they choose is able to visit.

-having 2-5 spaces in your yard area to park your favourite cars/most driven cars etc. so you can view certain cars in your garage and have them showcased in the driveway for you and friends to see. (Ghost mode if you try to hit them)

-option to quick swap into cars that we have outside.

-Instead of pressing the button for entering the house, be able to just drive into the garage door entering you into the menu.

-sell properties if we want(get half the money back and lose the perk it had attached)

Businesses- being able to own buy and sell businesses.
One big time business and two small time ones. The rental company we have now is great but they could have implemented more.

Photography-own a photography studio that gets rented out to go shoot for car magazines, billboards, IG shoots, TV, etc. (eventually, you’ll get asked to be in said shoot depending on how well known you are, implementation through the influence bar) go to the site and have a few objectives to use for the shoot. I.e location, time of day, and a deadline. Etc.

Delivery-shops in town need to keep their stock in check, they need their parts delivered to them in and ideal time, that’s where we come in. Being able to deliver shipments to shops in town who need parts. Farmers who need animals (so the animals won’t be just for looks). Dealerships need cars delivered to both the client and in house.

The rental place- as it is now.

Body shops-kits and damage repairs (for us running sim damage)
Parts warehouses-suspension parts, engine parts etc
Garages/Dyno garages-also parts store but also to install bought parts.
Wheel shop-buy rubber and rims, install
Paint and decal shop-paint the car…duhh

It’s very NFSU2 ish, but hear me out.

Being able to go and buy the parts your looking for at each shop, if the shop you were just browsing at didn’t have the part, you had the choice to either go to the other shop on the other side of town and check or ask Keira to order in some parts that you wanted at extra cost along with a cool down timer(the timer being the shipping process) then getting a call and either getting the choice to pick it up or get it sent to you. (Additionally if you own the delivery service, just pic it up and you don’t need to pay for shipping and the cool down timer)

All parts, owned but not in use/all parts that have been delivered to you but not installed, will ALL be at your home property being able to be installed and swapped out like how we do now in the menu, the shops will be for that first time build of that car with the certain part.
(So if you build a fully dedicated drag nova, you won’t have to go to the store for those same parts to install them, just buy them and install at home in garage)

The option of owning the businesses will also be maximum of 3. One big business and two small timers. (I.e the Delivery place and two of the smaller shops) with you getting a discount depending on how much work you’ve put into that particular business. (Less of a discount at the same store over the map) being able to sell the business if you don’t want one I’d also an option, you just won’t get the benefits from that store anymore.

We have had many discussions over this and we know that’s all it’ll ever be, but I thought I’d post to see what you guys think. And anymore ideas are more than welcome.

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you do know you can change cars at any time and have them “delivered” to you wherever you are, at no cost…in fh3 it was 10k

I know that, I just meant with the cars your currently driving into the ones in the parking spot so you switch between them, instead of the one you were in going into the garage.