The light and dark of the slk or THIS GAME SUCKS

The dark driving view on this car is atrocious. Most all views are darkened on my car. Only reasonably useful view seems to be the bumper cam view. Second best slightly useful view is the #2 cockpit view. Overall the lighting is just terrible with this car for me. Is it this way for anyone else?

Hmm, I’m not seeing it, no issues here, pretty much bog standard Xbox One and HDTV. No crazy contrast etc settings, just slight adjustments for room lighting. All views seem bright enough through daylight and night. Gauges bright and clear, almost too bright lol. Sorry, no ideas to help troubleshoot. It’s an odd one that it just seems to be that car for you. Good luck figuring it out because it’s a nice ride, I had fun doing the lighting comparison :smiley:

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