The Juggernaut

Hey, Noticed this Race, The Juggernaut, posted by other players who want to race. Can’t seem to find anything on how to unlock it. Anyone know how? I’m guessing I have to reach lvl 20 in Street, Cross Country, Off Road and Street Scene.

Final Drag Race Event. Forget what level you have to get to to unlock it, but not to far. I think I ran once on each course and it unlocked.

I think level 8 or so drag racing. I just did the first drag race over and over until it unlocked them all. Then I did every one once and then I did The Juggernaut over and over until I hit level 20 drag racing.


It is like Level 3 or 4 or 5 in drag.

TY Everyone! Hope to see you all getting angular out there.

The angular part is probably why I don’t have the Juggernaut unlocked yet btw

The love of getting angular is probably why I couldn’t find The Juggernaut in the first place btw.