The Horizon Run - Gumball 3000 style rally

Not sure if this is the place for this but still

Yes, as it’s the Gumball 3000 this week, we’re bringing you another one of these! Following on from the somewhat successful Run In The Sun, this is The Horizon Run. The event is entirely for fun, and there will be no scoring.

Event Details
Game: Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One)
Date: 30/05/2015 (Saturday May 30th)
Start Time: 21:00 BST (British Summer Time)
Duration: >1 Hour
Hosted By: Shaunnnnnnnnn

Car Choice
This event is all about the cars, and you can choose any car in the game, so we encourage you to choose your favourite car, one that means the most to you, or a car that in reality you think you’ll never get chance to own, but would love to. Your car choice should be all about you. However, there are the following restrictions;
There may not be multiple models of the same car; please check the entry list to make sure the car you want has not been chosen. An exception for this, is you may use a model to represent another production model, by adjusting the performance and appearance. Modifying an Agera to represent an Agera R is an example of this.
There may be no more than two models built on the same base model; So if there is already both an Agera R and an Agera on the entry list, you may not enter an Agera One:1 or an Agera S, for example.

You may only make light modifications to your car, such as rims, bodykits, exhaust systems and air filters.
You should not be building your car to X999, or applying every single upgrade.
Your tire choice is entirely free, as race tires in FH2 are only semi-slicks.
Forza Aero is not to be fitted to any car without prior permission.

Paints + Designs
The theme for this event is “Racing Heritage”. You do not have to adhere to this theme, but are encouraged to do so.
Cars may have a completely plain base, or you can go all out, it’s up to you.
Cars must have large numbers on both sides. Font is free.
Cars must have The Horizon Run logo on the bonnet. Colour scheme is free, and is available on the sharefront from myself (Shaunnnnnnnnn)
If there is space to add a registration plate, you must add one. This plate may be of any nationality. I can produce UK, Italian and German plates, as well as some other European countries on request.
Once your car is completed, a picture of it must be available on your sharefront before the beginning of the event.

Changing Car
You may change your car at any point leading up to the event, but may not change your car once the event has begun.

Whilst simulation damage is optional, if you do something in reality that would wreck your car either deliberately, or as a result of driving dangerously, you will have to return to the Horizon Festival for “repairs” and rejoin the group. If the incident is either unavoidable (ie Lag) or accidental (Clipping a tree at the edge of the road) you may continue as normal

The entry form, and a list of current entries, can be found on our website at

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