The Halo Experience Showcase is stunning

Not sure if serious. Do you actually talk like that?

Anyway, what are you actually trying to say? That showcases shouldn’t be in the game? They are what they are. A showcase of the technical abilities of the game and a bit of fun. Just like you could go to a party and have a few beers and a bit of a laugh. Or you could just stand in the kitchen boring everyone that comes in for a top up with pretentious drivel.

I loved the halo experience. I thought it would be kind of meh, but it reallu surprised me. It’s literally the only showcase that I would play again.

The part that tickled me the most was the massive halo ring in the background.

Personally I want more of this crossover stuff. Then again Halo is the reason I decided to get a Xbox 360. Forza 2 just so happened to be a free game that came with the console.

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I thought it was a lot of fun.

Reminded me of driving around the second level in the original Halo. This cave is not a natural formation… got me right in the feels. :sob:

Edit - You know now that I think about it, Halo is the only reason I purchased the original Xbox. I didn’t even know about Xbox until I played Halo at a buddy’s place with the really big controllers. If I didn’t play Halo, I probably wouldn’t have cared about Xbox (I had a PS2) then I probably wouldn’t have stumbled upon the original Forza! Crazy to think about it like that lol.


I am the same way, I was a Nintendo/Sony kid until my uncle got an Xbox and then I played Halo and loved it. My best friend in elementary school had an xbox and Halo 2 and we used to play it all of the time, funnily enough he also had Forza but said it was a boring racing game so we never played it. My first xbox was a 360 that I got in 2007, which came packaged with a FM2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance, I got the 360 to play Halo and the first 3 games I played on the console were Halo, Halo 2 and Halo 3. I owned Forza 2 for a little over a year before ever actually putting it into the disc drive, up to that point I just went back to the PS2 to play GT3 when ever I wanted to play a racing game. I put a ton of time into Forza 2 and bought the Forza 3 ultimate edition and every forza game after that as the ultimate edition.

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Loved it, so cool, and can be done co-op too…will replay it a lot for better leaderboard times, glad they have Showcase rivals…also really liked the Delta Wing and the Hovercraft ones. I hope they release more in the expansions


I never played Halo but the showcase event was awesome.

Same for Larace, this was a nice travel to the past with Ridge Racer, Sega Rally, Project Gotham Racing etc.

Good One Playground !


Never played Halo, probably never will (not my type of game), but indeed that showcase was stunning and refreshing.


I found it to be boring, pointless, completely out of content for a horizon game and not really necessary, just an obvious advertisment. Oh and OMFG if that god damn annoying solider dude said Hoo-rah one more time i wanted to run over his face! So glad that i dont have to do that again!

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So two questions, have you ever played Halo? Do you like Halo? Not judging you or trying to start anything, just legitimately curious.

I agree with the TC that it was stunning. Even the background changed showing the Orbital or “Halo” just for the race. Would like to see more special themed races, maybe Gears of War or something.

Im not a huge fan of this race, because my time was 7:39, and got glitched OFF the beach, back into the festival area. Im currently playing this through the game pass trial , so it made me wonder if its a technicality from not buying the game. If so, i think thats the most random condition out of any of the series, and racing games in general. Does anyone know why this is a possibility?

Does it happen everytime or just that once? It works fine for me, both the regular and remixes. I’ve never had that happen to me so it could just be a random glitch. Try it again if you haven’t already.

Remember, this is technology, glitches happen from time to time. I went from post game screen in Halo to Netflix from the sidebar, and my entire Xbox froze and shut off. Still works fine. Just a glitch tho.