The godess is coming soon

The Citroen DS (in France known as Déesse, French for godess) is awayable soon. What a car this was!
Here`s a warm-up video:

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At least they have the Eiffel Tower!

… and Bugatti!!!

Oh yeah, and this…

W…t…h…is that thing?!

Where I come from, this car was known as “zaba” - which translates to frog.
Car that was equally famous and infamous because of its suspension and few other things.

I had always thought the DS was an awkward-looking thing. I would have preferred the sleeker SM.

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I think it’s way cool; for me it also has the following going for it:

• a classic we’ve not seen in any previous Forza title
• solidly D-class, coming in at 262pi (none of that one or two pi under a class maximum nonsense)
• it’s not a scaled-up version of a toy or a “creative” take on an existing model
• it’s neither a three-wheeled gimp nor a twelve-wheeled freak show with tires
• it’s not a Ford Mustang or Porsche 356 variant
• it doesn’t have a ridiculous raised soft top like a certain new exclusive
• an excuse to use an umlaut (··) every now and again

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Driving it with Santana’s “Smooth” on lol. :smiley: I made a race called “Cult Commute…”. It starts at the Meadows and is just that sprint with only the DS 23 tuned to A class. Share code - 122 458 886 if anyone wants to race it quick.

Ugrundy has a good winter tune for it also, share code - 140 761 604.

(I also have my retro flippy paint for it shared)

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Drove her for the first time tonight. Pure stock, as I always do for my first drives. Methinks she’s going to stay in D class, FWD. She could do with a few more ponies under the hood, but other than that I don’t want to mess with her too much.

It handles pretty good as FWD at the top of B with the stock engine upgraded. I enjoyed playing around with it. Almost got the itch to tighten up the tuning.

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