“The glitch”

Without saying what it is or how to do it (for obvious reasons) for those of you who know about this exploit in the game I’m talking about, does anyone know what turn 10 plans to do about this?

If it’s anything like Horizon 3 or Motorsport 7, they patch it and that’s it.

My plans are not to do it. It is against the rules and therefore bannable.

The CLubs on the Top of it mostly uses them, not all. A Special club raised from 3,3 to 5,1…
Can’t be so hard to fix this issue.

Without going into too much detail, what is this glitch supposed to give you? Money? Infinite wheelspins? ?

We are currently looking into this.

I would advise not to use or exploit this glitch as potentially action will be taken against your account.


Good to hear. I imagine the auction house is currently ruined and people who havent used it are at a significant disadvantage.

In that case it would be good to tell us what this glitch is actually.
Wouldn’t want to accidentally trigger it and flag my account while on goliath.

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It is not something you can encounter by accident.

Not on a regular basis, but it can happen. Connection in Forza isn’t always stable, so it can happen without intention - but in that case it probably would occur a bit later than just after just a few seconds :smiley:

What worries me more is that we normal players are the dumbasses again, especially in regard to the devalued Wheelspins. In former Forza Horizon titles I hadn’t much problems making money, especially with VIP bonus. I haven’t unlocked Goliath yet, but I doubt it will have the impact of former titles. I think it’s something about 9 million credits for 50 laps and nearly 8 hours of perfect driving without connections issues…

Well, unfortunately normal non-exploiting players always have to suffer from such glitches. It is the same in every title with an online economy.
As for making Money Goliath is by far the best method to be somewhat independent from wheelspin luck. In a 998 Zonda R Forza Edition (Vulcan FE does basically the same) you can run two laps in ~16:30. On “unbeatable” and without a single crash/rewind this nets roughly 220k Cr and 70k influence (which equals 4-5 wheelspins on Prestige 1). With some wheelspin luck you can get at 1M Cr/hour.

Nice. I hope it can be fixed asap :slight_smile: