The game glitched and I lost a very rare car

I tried getting in my car (KTM GT4) and it put it on auction for 200k and I lost it. Is there any way of getting it back?

Wait what happened? Can you describe in more detail what happened?

Reason I ask is on monday I went to get in my santa style hot rod for some fun and it disappeared one. I thought I accidentally removed from garage. If it did go to auction, It should have a message in my board when I log on today. I am asking since pondering if it was same for you just to support potential of a glitch.

I also have some very rare cars I enjoy driving and would be quite upset if I lost em due to a glitch from just getting into it.

Do autoshow show that you still owned that car? Because i lost one car week ago but autoshow still show that i own that one and game shows that i own 546 cars and when counting all cars that i have garage i get 545, so at least game still think that car is on my garage but i cant see it.

I won a second 1994 Nissan Silvia on a Wheelspin. I checked and there was only one of them in my garage. I sold that as a test and the Autoshow said I Owned the car even though there was no sign of it in my garage. I was also at (I think) 545 cars in my garage. It may be a bug when the garage is close to being full. I wonder if there is any danger of the garage size increase actually happening. I removed a few duplicates I wasn’t that bothered about to reduce the numbers slightly. Unfortunately I am back up to 546 after this weeks Car Pass additions.

If you put it on auction for 200k it was practically stolen from you anyway.

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At least he dinnae sell it for 20 mil.

I have a spare GT4 if you want it. PM me and we’ll sort something out.