The Future of Forza Horizon 3 #FORZATHON's

I personally think that the weekly #FORZATHON challenges is one of the greatest features of the Horizon series. I know all good things must come to an end, especially with the release of Horizon.

Does anyone have any factual information as to how much longer the #FORZATHON events in Horizon 3 will continue? Is there an end date?

These events gave me something to look forward to every Friday after work. As I said, I hate to see it end, but I am a realist, so I know it must. I just want to know when.


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I don’t think there’s any word yet, I don’t think there will be tho, probably just not update it at some point. I think there will be forzathons till spring at least tho, aside from the ones enabled now.

If they keep putting them up, I’ll keep doing them.

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The same for me. I really look forward to my #Forzathon Friday.


How about another 60 or so…

Excellent :grin:

Forzathons will probably keep going until “end of life” status, so I would say 2020 at the earliest.