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With a plethora of racing games coming out this fall and into next year, I was curious of any information regarding Project Cars or Grid Autosport. From what I’ve read P Cars is a legit simulation game while Grid is more of a Horizon type of game… Can anyone comment and do you think either one of these will put a dent into the Forza Motorsport experience?

I enjoyed the first Grid. The second one I pre-ordered and then played for about 15 minutes and never touched again. Not touching the new Grid without getting reviews first.

I think people try to put games in too few buckets. Not sure GRID Autosport will be very similar to Horizon. It is more circuit racing but it will all boil down to what the handling model is like. Same with Project Cars to be honest. At the moment all the hype is it will be an awesome sim but I will need to drive it and see what the handling model is like before judging it.

pCARS is meant to be a pure sim close to iRacing and AC. GRID Autosport will be more like GRID 1, where the game is mainly focused on the Race and the feeling of being a race driver without the serious handling models of sims.

GRID = Racing experience (Fun game, circuit racing, not even close to a sim)
Forza = Console sim (Sim-cade/watered down sim/easier to be played with a controller)
pCARS = Aiming to be true sim. (As that of iRacing and AC/meant to be played with a wheel)

Grid Auto Sport is 360 only,no X1 version.


Farm lands.
Massless rolls of hay.
No way!

Just started playing the new Grid on Xbox. Definitely better than Grid 2. Not near FM5 physics of course, but the handling model is really fun. Still arcadey, but more realistic than Grid 1. I’m liking the AI in Grid better than Drivatars. I’ve only played touring and races are close and intense. I feel like I’m racing every car rather than only the 2 in front. Optional practice session and qualifying. You can increase laps in career 2X or 3X.

Dusted off the old PS3…The AI is vastly superior to Forza 5’s. The game can be extremely fun at times and the racing can be amazing. Some cars still dont feel quite right though. Overall defo worth picking up if you want some fun fast racing!

Wish Codies would go just that bit further on the physics. Could of been a 10/10 game if it had F5 or GT6 physics as the racing really can be that good.

Hopefully Dan and co play this and see how AI can/should be done.

Grid Auto Sport on Metacritic

I don’t own no Grid game. Just sharing link.