The FM5 Spring Hunt

“Spring Hunt” – For FM5

Being a fan of the sunshine states, I have been missing the sun through the winter months. My vitamin D deficiency has inspired me to have a contest where we celebrate the coming of spring by hunting for traditional spring hallmarks and then turning them into a livery.

All paint skill levels are welcome! There are several ways to win.

Phase 1 - The Hunt:

Spring inspired items have been shared in the Forza 5 game over multiple gamer tags with the description or file name being “SpringHunt”. Search vinyl groups to find these spring icons. The more you find, the more fun this will probably be, however, if you are not in the hunting mood, I will give you a big hint.

Hint: At least one of the spring items will be available at each of these two Gamertags- Little Vixen and Mechberg.

Since you have to include at least one item in your design, the hunt doesn’t have to be over taxing. There are more out there, though, and if you enjoy the fun of the hunt, keep looking for them in the days counting down to the contest cutoff. Watch my twitch channel for some real time painting of the hidden SpringHunt items. You will get a heads up for what you are looking for and maybe an impromptu paint lesson, too, if you are interested, here is my twitch link: (LV T10)

Phase 2 – The Livery:

You do not need to be an artist to participate in this contest. Simply use at least one of the “SpringHunt” items on your car and design a livery around it. You may use any car and any combination of the “SpringHunt” items, as long as you use at least one. You may do a fantasy, race, or collage livery paint.

Take a photo of your livery, you may post up to 3 photos of your creation (altered and inappropriate photos will be disqualified) and post them in this thread along with your Gamertag.

There are two ways to win:

  1. We will choose some of the best liveries and gift those winners a prize. (an in game car - it is a surprise)
  2. We will have a drawing among the remaining qualifying entries, and the drawing winners will also win a prize. (One prize per winner.)

If you want a sneak peek at the prize car, it is on my twitch channel: SpringHunt Prize Car

Phase 3 – Bonus Round:

If you want to make up your own layer groups and have a chance to get them featured, then “Share” your layer groups in game and put the phrase “SpringContest” in your description. We will be looking for spring items to feature. You may also post a photo of your “Spring” vinyl in this thread. This photo will not count against the 3 photos that you are allowed to post for your entry. Just remember to put “SpringContest” in the description of your vinyl when you share it in game so that we can find it.

Contest dates:

The cut off for entries is the morning of Wednesday, April 23th.

How to use the vinyl search:

  1. Get into the car you want to Paint.

  2. Go to “Paint” listed on the Main Menu.

  3. Scroll over to the “Apply Decals” tab in the Design Editor

  4. Press “A” on an empty square to add a vinyl shape. Tab left once to “Recommended Groups”

  5. On “Recommended Groups” press the “Search” button and move down to the “Description”

  6. Press “A” on “Description” and type in “SpringHunt” and press “done”

  7. Scroll down to “Search” and press “A” to do a search.

  8. View Search results and make your choices.

  9. Or, you can also go to the “Create Vinyl Group” tab in the Design editor and Scroll over to the “Apply Decals” tab in the Design Editor

  10. In “Design – Create Vinyl Group” press “A” to add a vinyl shape. Tab left once to “Recommended Groups”

  11. Continue Following steps 5 through 8 above.

If you want some ideas about how to put a livery together, this video of the prize car livery being constructed might help you out: Putting A Livery Together

GT: CookedPiano12
Car: 1999 Dodge Viper
Filename: Blu by U

Gamertag: ZaKa



Lady Bug

DJ ALKOHOLIK spring hunt transit

image by djalkoholik, on Flickr

image by djalkoholik, on Flickr
This pic from my phone as can’t get one of the roof in game

image by djalkoholik, on Flickr

Props to mech berg and little vixen for the great vinyls!!!

Looking good so far! Good work people. Keep them coming. We have a little more time before the contest ends.

Gamertag: Spike III
Title: SpringHunt


Gamertag : Niko WCC

GT : philyoda

Excellent job so far on the entries. Thank you and keep them coming.

Roving on the Range:

Play Nice!

Thank you for the entries. A job well done by all of you who entered. I am closing this contest now. Thanks again and I hope you had some fun with it.