The Dart has been.....dethroned......for now

The Hoonicorn beats the dart in the 1 mile drag race

For those quarter milers, the Bel Air with 375’s out back with beat the Dart as well. Not top speed, but the Dart can not hang off the line. At least with my first few builds.

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Well this thread just sold a couple more car packs!



Trust me, the dart is still faster. If you beat a dart with the hoonicorn it’s because the person in the dart had a bad tune or was missing all their shifts.

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Sounds about right, the best way to drag race is manual w/clutch so it a quicker shift but if you miss the clutch and shift (even once) your race has been lost. Its not as much power as it is power to weight ratio.

I’ve seen Sesto Elementos run a 19.0