The boredom-quit.

I’ve been finding myself quitting more and more MP races lately.

I don’t rage-quit, as a rule, unless the room is chock-full of wreckers and/or lag is ruining the fun. No, I’ve been quitting races for a different reason: boredom.

9/10 races I join go the same way: There will be 1-3 guys who are properly fast, a few hundred metres ahead of me. The rest of the pack is miles behind. I’m basically hotlapping by myself, every time I play. This happens in every lobby, in every class, even in cycled production. SP is not the answer, as I’ll just end up hotlapping in 1st place, miles ahead of the “unbeatable” robots.

I think the problem is the player base: I’d rate myself as “pretty good”, and I play MP hoping to find players of equal skill so I can have some close, mostly-clean, competitive racing. Unfortunately for me, the majority of players are either level 3000 driving gods or noobs who just started playing. I’m not quite fast enough to catch up with the really good players, but I can smoke out pretty much anyone who isn’t. There just aren’t enough “pretty good” players like myself out there.

The result is B Wald driving by himself in a room full of people, and dropping out of race after race out of sheer boredom. We need a bigger player base, and I really hope FM6 can atteract them.


Even though you say you are slower, you still should be trying all out to catch up with the fast guys up ahead. It sounds like you are giving up and resigning yourself to your ‘limitations’. That’s not so much boredom as defeatism. The other option you have is to just drive an uncompliant dog of a car with no handling or acceleration tospeak of and get into some neck-and-neck racing against the noobs. You have absolutely no way of influencing who will go into the lobbies, either now or ever.

You’ve been here forever; sure you picked up some skills now?

Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means a fast driver but put me on a track I really like and that I practised (like the Bounty Hunt on Spa or Road America) in that exact same class, there is a very good chance I AM one of the few waaaay ahead.

I do however understand what you’re saying, some people always drive the same (insanely overpowered) tune and dont need skill to actually win a race; the sheer power of the car compensates for that. If you can’t beat them, just join them. Buy the 20-odd cars that dominate the leaderboards, get the tunes to go and see how the next races play out for you.

The good but not godly players are long gone. Its been like this for over a year.

This is why I rarely if ever play. I got bored of being the fastest or in some cases one of the fastest in the lobby and I’m not a good racer.

When there was solid racers in the lobby I could be in any car and have a solid battle for any position. Its always been hard in FM5 to find these lobbies unless by chance enough friends are online to race. In FM5 I know i’ll finish podium and have a better than 50% chance of winning. I have some cars that are top 300-400 tunes that win 80+% of races entered. I never had this ease with same quality of tunes in other forzas. It was usually a struggle to be consistently up front.

The game has turned away the core racers and it sucks.

First “exploit tunes” now you’re too fast!!! Wow searched your gt on forzastats not a top 500 time anywhere. Seems you would be paired up with equal competition. Maybe you just had a bad lobby.

Too fast?? When did I say I’m “too fast”? If anything, I said the opposite. I never claimed to have any top-500 times either*.

You can disagree with my opinion on tuning, or what I’ve posted here, but there’s no need to make it personal.

  • actually I have two, in autocross rivals. I’m 446th at Sebring and 389th at Seca, so there :stuck_out_tongue:

Statistically since all the math nuts frequent this forum, your statement doesn’t makes sense. Based on your CIRCUIT racing times you should be paired with people of your skill level. Hence why I posted. Also to post in the manner you did was to boast.

Thanks for the responses y’all, glad to see that some folks recognize the problem.

@ Octagon: LOL, never said I suck. Just not the fastest- I’m much faster in the Horizon games.

@ WearyMick: Sorry if I sounded “defeatist”, I was going for “realist”. I know where my skill level is at, and don’t mind admitting when someone’s faster than me. Of course I try to catch 'em and improve; anyone who really enjoys this game does that, yeah?

I resign myself to the fact that I’m playing a video game in an effort to have fun. If I find myself driving alone in 2nd or 3rd place in a lobby of 12, that’s not really happening. In FM4 and the early days of FM5, I found equal-skill opponents almost every time I logged in. Nowdays I find a good race maybe 1 out of 6.

You arent being defeatist.

Its how it is.

This is how most of us felt in January 2014.


I’m mainly racing in the GT endurance hopper and being stuck in exactly the same position as you. Too quick for the beginners but too slow for the +1000 level aliens. If i get a clean start i’m often able to keep up with them for a few laps as long as i don’t make any mistakes, but if I get wrecked in first corner the race is literally over, it just becomes a hotlapping contest.

Kudos to these guys for running laps 1-2 seconds faster than mine, even on tracks which i am very familiar with. Its crazy to see people on level 3000 or more, given that i logged hundreds of hours in FM5 already and still being somewhere between Level 700 and 800. However, i just cant afford to put more time into it and i’m absolutely fine with the fact that some are much quicker than i am ever gonna be in this game. But…its still frustrating though, seeing them disappear behind the curve of the earth after a few laps :smiley:

Same problem here. I’ve been playing MP a lot more and find that I’m pretty much running by myself in the middle of the running order and just can’t catch the front runners. However, just never give up and keep pushing to become better, that’s the only thing anyone can do. Try taking a corner a little faster. If you wreck, you wreck. It’s only a video game. At least you are pushing yourself to become better.

I have started to just let everyone go by at the start when I race online & then trying to get as up the field as I can.
its really fun to do that in cycled production :slight_smile:

I know lots of people who’re all over the map that race with me regularly, some guys who are around my speed, some guys 1-3 seconds slower, and some 3+ so it really depends what lobbies you’re looking in. Get some good cars for a few different classes and search around, maybe you’ll find yourself in some good lobbies soon :).

None of this is a problem with the game, it’s a problem with people’s mentality. Sure, coming a lonely third in every race can become boring but what about the LVLxxxx guy in the super tuned Atom who finishes each race way out in front? These players seldom change cars and in a way are the issue. All they need to do is just get into a slower car and go racing. There are many cars that would never make the LB but with a bit of tuning are capable of providing MP fun. It’s a pity that so many players think winning is the only goal even though you get absolutely nothing for doing so (who needs credits once you’ve being playing a month or two?). For whatever reason matchmaking never quite gets it right.

I guess all the fast guys are winning because of there cars? I bet 75% of the cars will run in the top 300, if not higher.
I been building and tuning like crazy lately, using all sorts of diffrent cars. Its hasn’t change winning percent one bit. When people are 5-10 secs off the pace, it has nothing to do with the car.

So they should artificially slow themselves down so you can compete? Why dont the slower guys get in a faster car and go racing? Why dont they just try to improve instead of using excuses as to why they are slower.

Basically you can see a pattern here, where its always the faster guy that has to do something to please the slow people, otherwise they complain.

Most of the time if you win online all you hear is “Your car is fast”, “You are driving a leaderboard car”, “Thats a nice tune you got there” etc…That is whats wrong with multiplayer, the mentality of the slower people.

Last time I checked any car you drive and set a time with appears on the leaderboard.

What do you get for finishing 3rd? 4th? etc. then, you get nothing…but on top of that you get slower people who dont know how to race.

The reason slower people complain about the faster people is that so they have a chance of winning, I dont buy this oh we can have race and so on, its all about winning and if they cant win they usually complain…but then when they win they get all excited, but realistically its because the faster guy had to artificially slow himself down and the slower guy doesnt see a need to improve because he was just able to win a race.

Why do the faster people need to get in slower cars so you can race them? The slower people still have the slower people to race with…so as I said the only reason you and many others want people to get in slower cars is so you have a chance of winning.


I’d advise joining another forum with players who are on regularly, and run in private lobbies.

I used to be in the same situation on FM4 until I did just that, I was generally way behind the leaders, way ahead of the losers, lapping on my own.

Now, racing with the same chaps over time, we’ve pushed each other to get faster, and are emerald progressing at the same rate - meaning good close racing.

This sounds perfect.

Experiences like this are what got me hooked on MP racing in FM4. I really hope FM6 will represent a return to form for the franchise.

You shouldn’t get any credits for not finishing a race. You shouldn’t receive a trophy if you aren’ top 3. There is not a single car that is 7-10 seconds slower than the quickest car. I.e a 05 Subi with the 1.6 is only 3-3.5 seconds slower than a stock motor. Subtract that from 5-10 and there is the problem for the masses. Couple with a welfare like system where you receive credits and trophies for doing nothing and voila welcome to a non competitive farce of a race game.


May i interest you in some tuning ?:slight_smile:

I do consider myself somewhat decent in the A class lobbies but what makes me still committed to this game is the fact that while i can win races all the tunes that i use to win them are my own. Added to that … the better you get at building and tuning is the faster you become and opens up opportunities to be really competitive in some seriously oddball cars that you wouldnt expect to win races in.

So instead of dropping out of the race and turning off … try your hand at some tuning … and see if your creation is making you faster for you to catch up to the leaders.