the best of the world

what would it be like… to have a champion in driving in Forza, i know… playing Forza is more for fun, and i know this is quite a bit CoD related… but come on… it’d be awesome right? a championship with winning either 1 million pounds, dollars or euros… also with (if not owned) a Day One Edition Xbox One with Forza Motorsport 5 Limited Edition and FM5 Paddock Edition Included! And throphy with an Golden, Sliver or Bronze McLaren P1 On top… I’d like it…

Sorry… got carried away, i can already imagine it happening in the US, UK, and EU…

T10… This would be amazing if you’d do this

There have been ones in the past, but they usually involve a sponsor.

The Germans were able to compete for a new Beemer and the Americans were able to compete for a new Veloster in previous games. I know the French have done several comps before but I don’t recall the details.

It would be interesting to have a broadcasted competition like they did recently for Halo.

As an aside. Streemed clan battles would be awesome. I know my club has interest in competing in clan battles that center around racing, so I’m assuming others would feel the same?

To be able to stream, though forza itself, a match between groups to anyone who would want to opt in and watch would be amazing. Thats culture creating.

That feature existed back in FM2… along with the tournaments etc. It was called Forza TV. I got excited when this was mentioned for 5, but they took the name and just used it for replays.

maybe they would… maybe they won’t

i swear they could remake forza 1-2 with hd graphics and people would be over the moon with all the “new” awesome stuff in forza.